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EAS. European Accreditation Scheme for Careers Guidance Practitioners

The EAS Project developed and tested a common accreditation framework for European Career Guidance Practitioners with the aim of fostering the confidence of consumers in career guidance and facilitating the mobility of career guidance practitioners across Europe. The framework is competence based and independent of the route ( academic or work-based) through which competence has been acquired. The Project involved 40 European organisations/associations and has been developed with a European Commission (Leonardo Da Vinci Project) contribution.

EAS – What we did?

  1. Analyse of the existing accreditation schemes for guidance practitioners in different OECD countries, focusing on requested requisites and assessment methods
  2. Develoment of an original taxonomy of the main competencies of careers guidance practitioners and a scheme for their accreditation. The scheme has been developed in cooperation with IAEVG, International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance (
  3. Pilot of the accreditation scheme with 350 guidance practitioners and 17 organisations in 17 European countries (at least 20 counsellors and 1 organisation in each country)
  4. Discussion about the scheme with careers guidance professional associations in a further 9 European countries not participating in the pilot, in order to cover almost all of the EU (including some applicant countries)
  5. Dissemination at the international level of the accreditation scheme, as part of a more wide discussion about career, vocational and educational guidance activities.

What has been the outcomes of the EAS?

  • A study on existing accreditation schemes in different OECD countries.
  • A pilot test with 350 careers guidance practitioners and 17 organisations in 17 countries.
  • A feedback on the scheme collected by careers guidance professional associations of a further 9 European countries. A total of 26 European countries were involved in the project.
  • A proposal of an original accreditation scheme for careers guidance practitioners.